Block clipping like x-clip in AutoCAD

The way this works is that new functionality gets developed during the WIP stage. Once a version is released, service releases fix problems only.

Bump. Is there a better way to gauge interest in this feature, in the hope of prioritizing it? I imagine many Rhino users would love to cut out Autocad or other 2D drafting from their workflows.


Is there a solution for clipping a block yet ?? come on… 6 years in the waiting!!!


This is terrible.

A command like this makes all the difference, as is a response.

Our architectural practice will be giving up on Rhino and Visual Arq soon and using a different software. Its just not ready for the Industry sadly. Only good for sketches.

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Our issues tracking system is open to the public and you can monitor the status and subscribe to individual items. As stated above, this one is RH-22567 and is still on the Future list. I wouldn’t expect this to get into Rhino before version 8 at the earliest.

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If you are looking for simple Arch drawings the standard is Revit (which doesn’t have clipped blocks)

Personally i don’t like using autodesk products anymore, granted i am now in fabrication vs architectural documents.

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I’d be interested in clipping xrefs (and blocks) too.

I think this should be the must have option for Rhino. Because most of the Autocad users utilize the clipping refs thus its impossible to manipulate the file inside the Rhino.
I hope it will be featured in the future update very soon.

I agree that this option would be a massive improvement.
it is indispensable for being able to reuse blocks, as often a block is the same but needs to be clipped to adapt to the situation (for example, a stair that in one instance has 10 steps and in another has 4).

in autocad xclipping it is a 2D polyline, and you can choose to mask inside or outside the line.
in rhino it would need to be a 3D volume, or even volumes, and you could choose to mask inside or outside of these volumes


this would be a simple way to make blocks adaptable to different situations without having dynamic blocks like in autocad (which would also be helpful but probably much more difficult to integrate into the software)

Isn’t a block a unique part? If so having variations of it doesn’t make any sense. You are asking for a flexible design object.

Hello, Is there a way to extend this idea to 3D blocks? I ask this coz i’m working on a grasshopper railing script and i think it’s simpler to trim or clip block instances at certain planes or curves to achieve mitered connections etc. Can Mcneel somehow improve clipping planes as to be a trimming function for block? Is there a possible technology in rhino to allow block trimming while maintaining instancing? Thanks

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Hello - currently there is no such capability no.


this is sad that has not been implemented in version 6 nor 7 …


Hi, @pascal I think maybe this topic have same feature “Exclude Object from Clipping Planes?”

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Hello ya’ll, is there any update to this feature? Right now I’m working on a roofing script and I think that the most robust way to save memory is to use a feature where Blocks are clipped, almost like boolean difference. Is this even possible? I’m pretty sure we can use clipping plane on blocks, so why not extend this idea as a trimming mechanism? @rajaa @pascal

Hi -

No, there isn’t. You can still only scale blocks and maintain instancing.

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Hi Wim,
I really appreciate your reply. I don’t mean to be pesky but, is it impossible to develop an advanced clipper to clip multiple blocks? Is this feature beyond the programming limits of Rhino?

Blocks, exactly… I got this answer recently: