Block clipping like x-clip in AutoCAD


Is there anyway to clip block instances so that only part of them display? In AutoCAD you can use the xclip command, but I haven’t found a way to do the same thing in Rhino.

If not, could this go on the wishlist for v6? Maybe you could even use a closed polysurface for 3d clipping of blocks. That would be super helpful.



Hi Jacob- can you give me an example of where this is useful?


Sure. For the particular instance I’m in now, I have a series of different rooms that repeats down the length of several buildings. Each building starts at a different point in the series. If I could clip them I could let the series run past the end of the building and clip it so that it only showed the rooms that were inside the building, while keeping the series as a single block.

It would also be useful when drawing 2D elevations. For instance, if I had a block for a window and in a couple instances a light fixture cuts in front part of it. Right now, I have to explode the window block, and trim all the lines that go behind the fixture, so if I make any changes to the window, I have to update all of the exploded blocks manually.

Or if I am using a linked block (to be honest I still don’t really under when to use linked blocks vs. worksessions), I could bring in a floor plan to do a furniture layout of one room and clip it down so that I’m only seeing the part of the plan I’m working on. This makes the file much cleaner and easier to navigate.

I’m sure there are other instances where it would be useful as well, those are just 3 that come to mind off the top of my head.



I don’t think this is used to much in mechanical drafting but it used all the time in architectural drafting, a couple more:

Reference clipping large survey files.

if you want to do an enlarged plan or detail in a separate file.


Hi Jacob- thanks, I’ll get this onto the heap, with your details included- this type of info is very useful for the developers when and if someone decides to start typing on a feature.



I work in large architectural project. This is a must have command in architectural modelling and drafting. The traditional CAD applications like AutoCad and Microstation, have this command implemented on the references together with the mask command. where you can clip a reference and also mask part of it.

It would be greatly appreciated if this is implemented in near future.


Block clipping is a must for me as well. Specifically when i am referencing in a Floorplan or another 3D file and don’t want to see the entirety of the object. This is really a must have that pushes me back into using AutoCAD which i would love to not have to rely on for this feature.

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It looks like we are more than 2…closing mine and using this thread (it’s the first one and is more complete).

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Just bumping up this idea, as it is very useful, not just for xrefs but (2D) blocks too!

Just checking in on this seeing if it’s something to look forward to :smile:

Hi I wanted to add that I am eagerly awaiting this feature.


I’m also hoping this issue will be resolved soon as I am working on autocad but trying to use it less and less substituting with rhino.

Also bumping to say this would be amazing!


FWIW, This is on the ‘Future’ list and any progress - when and if someone decides to start typing on this - can be monitored here: RH-22567

Just came across this thread (while trying to find out if Rhino supports block clipping);
it’s ‘essential’ for importing/working with DWGs (with xclips) in Rhino;

  • when you have dwg file with xclipped blocks (or xclipped referenced dwg files) and you import it’s basically ‘unusable’ in Rhino;
    apart from compromised viewport performance since there’s many extra lines one can’t even tell which is the ‘original’ (visible) part of the clipped block
    (I’m sure whoever experienced this can relate :slight_smile:

Any progress/news on this? Clipping 2D blocks (especially when importing from DWGs) is essential for drafting work. If you’re not familiar with AutoCAD’s X-Clip, Illustrator’s Clipping mask provides similar functionality.

Is this on the Rhino 6 road map?


Any news?

I join the group of people interested in x-clip commend in Rhino…Would be very useful and appreciated!

As Morten_Fanous_Tejlga asks, is it in the Rhino 6 road map?