Block behavior


A lot of my recent work is window and retail displays. Traditionally I put all the glass on a layer called glass and then in Display I set the glass panels to show as wireframe so I see the edges.

In V6 when I do this it looks as expected when I changed the mode in display but the moment I move (scroll) away, the geometry turns opaque.

(John Brock) #2

Sorry, I’m not following the specifics of what you’re doing.
Can you please flesh out the description so I can do exactly the same thing you are?
I might need a simple sample model

  1. I make my glass pane.
  2. I make it a block.
  3. I select the glass pane (while the Block editor is open) and set Display to Wireframe
  4. It appears as it should -

  1. As soon as I move my mouse, it reverts to Shaded

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

Hi Alex,
I’m trying to reproduce this but don’t understand how you set the object “Display to Wireframe”.

I’m also seeing something but unlike you, the object goes shaded as soon as I exit the Block Editor.

So, I double-click the window to open the Block Editor, select the object, call “-SetObjectDisplayMode” and set this to Wireframe. At that point, the scene looks like this:

When I then click the OK button on the Block Editor, I get this:

When I now try to select the window, I need to hit it at an isocurve because Rhino clearly thinks it’s in Wireframe mode whereas it displays as shaded.


I’m going this route: Display > Set object shading attributes > Mode: Wireframe which sounds like the same thing you’re doing.

But a new version downloaded to my computer this morning and the behavior is now as expected so maybe it’s been resolved.