Blendcrv slider

Is there any chance to have proper numerical controls for the “Blend curve” tool soon? I was about to start a new topic with a request for this particular feature, but then found out that there are already at least 3 other topics with multiple people asking for the same feature. :slight_smile:

Also, the sliders for the “Blend curve” should be enhanced, because currently it’s not possible to set numerical distance to an individual handle. Instead, there is end 1 and end 2, which is a basic control, but still lacking the ability to control all 4 main handles individually. Obviously, if there are extra handles added manually in-between, there must be a tickbox called “Link handles” that will determine whether adjusting an individual end handle 1a (while handle 1b is not altered) will also affect the intermediate handles along end 1 or will leave them unaffected.

I also requested this multiple times in several other topics, including this one where I also requested many more improvements: