Blend surface edge continuity

Why blend surface edge is ALLWAYS different like blend curve from edges?
How to control it? Is there some setting?

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I don’t know the reason for the difference.

To create a blend surface which matches the results of BlendCrv at the edges.

BlendCrv between the edges with the desired continuity…
Sweep2 using the input surface edges as the rails and the BlendCrv results as the sections with the desired continuity at the rails.
MatchSrf the resulting surface and the input surfaces if closer continuity match is needed.

Hi Wagner - if the edges are untrimmed BlendSrf tries to align to the input surface directions. If trimmed, it attempts tp arrange the new surface at 90 degrees to the input edges.


Yes, there ought to be an option, as in MatchSrf, of how to handle this…


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Thanks Pascal :slight_smile:

I hope in the future it makes trimmed blend surface edges using “tangential blend curves” as edges.

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somewhere it was written (you wrote ?), that _blendSrf uses _sweep2 under the hood…

so it would be cool to address this issue for
in the same manner, same interface, same wording