Blend Edge still broken in R8 + Copy/Paste doesn't work from R8 to R6

I’m dissapointed to see that the blend edge tool remains unchanged (in Rhino 8 WIP) from Rhino 7 where it was made less round and more conical (than in Rhino 6). Apparently this is because the control points are now arranged equidistant along the chord of the blend edge (I’m not sure how it was calculated in Rhino 6). The problem with this method is that it makes more acute edge blends extremely pointy and almost impossible to run smaller fillets around the resultant edge… It also makes for a much more conical blend in general which is not as desirable for many of us.

I think it would make much more sense for the control points to be arranged more equidistant to each other rather than along the chord. I’ve got much more consistent curvature graph results (especially on acute angles) when testing with a simple 2D approximation (see below).

Unfortunately it looks like I will not be uninstalling Rhino 6 any time soon… However that brings up another problem - Copy + Paste doesn’t appear to work directly between Rhino 8 and Rhino 6!

It has never been possible to copy/paste “backwards” more than one version.