Fillet/blend edge incorrect 2?

I would like to make a fillet of 2.0 red border, but the result seems incorrect.
Check it out please. (Solidworks is able to perform this fillet).
fillet_blend edge incorrect 1.3dm(544.7 KB)


Added to the pile to look into- thanks.


Hi Davide
i would reccomend using sweep2 to make the fillet. It works better then fillet and gives you more control.
fillet_blend edge incorrect 1 -sweep2 fix.3dm (593.5 KB)

Another example.
I tried to run a fillet (0.8) on the edges of red, but the result seems to be incorrect. What can I do?fillet_blend edge incorrect.3dm (264.5 KB)

I think building the fillet with sweep2 or network is the best solution. i work a lot with fillets and most of the time i build a rail with the radius i need and then run with it.

what part of it are you seeing as incorrect?

the blue one in this version behaves a little better (got rid of the seam in the spherical section)… are you still seeing the results of that one as incorrect?

fillet_blend edge incorrect.3dm (415.8 KB)

Ok, it works, same problem with the ball, I would have to rotate it a little later and make a difference Boolean etc… etc…