Blend curve on surface

How to get tangential blend curve on surface between two curves?

Blend on Surface Problem.3dm (399.9 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile:

use Adjustable Blend Curve then select three of the curves and Pull them to the surface.

Hi tay.0!
Thanks, I totally forgot pull command, usually I use project…
Anyways, it would be great to have blend curves on surface command…

matchsrf works with curves on a surface too…

@theoutside How is MatchSrf used to create a blend curve on a surface?

If you Pull with Loose=Yes, you can get the same simple curve - make your blend G2 or more and the pull shiould be at least tangent.


Pull with Loose=No usually results in a curve which does not lie exactly on the surface but maintains the curve structure. For other than flat surfaces blend curves on surfaces within the usual tolerances will have more points than a blend curve in space.