Blend Curve on python

Hi, I’m learning how to code in Rhino and I would like to know how I can flip a curve using AddBlendCurve ?
I’m programming a script that takes a txt file and returns the lines of a boat, and I need to blend curves together but once I use this function, they are blended from the wrong side, even if I switch them. Is there a flip option in python ?

Thanks a lot

Hello - are you using RhinoScriptSyntax? The reverses setting should help - is that what is not working?

curves ([guid|curve, guid|curve]): list of two curves
parameters ([number, number]): list of two curve parameters defining the blend end points
reverses ([bool, bool]): list of two boolean values specifying to use the natural or opposite direction of the curve
continuities ([number, number]): list of two numbers specifying continuity at end points
0 = position
1 = tangency
2 = curvature


As in the photo, the reverse setting only changes the direction of the curve but not the starting point. I would like to have my points nice linked. (You can see on the left with False and on the right with True


Thanks for your help though !

It’s ok, I finally find the solution ! I used the function rs.CurveDomain to find the last point of my curve and put into my function rs.addBlendCurve and it works !

Thanks for your help Pascal, I found it thanks to your link !