Blank Raster prints


(Chris) #1

Rhino 5.5.1 on macOS Mojave. Anything I try to print with Raster settings comes out blank. Vector settings work fine, so i don’t think it’s anything with my visibilty/selection settings (i’ve also double-checked these to be sure). Anyone else having this issue?

Rhino 5 for Mac Update 5.5.2
(Dan Belcher) #2

This is a known issue (RH-48891) and will be fixed in an upcoming update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Dan Belcher) #3

This should be fixed in the latest update to Rhino 5 for Mac - 5.5.2. Thanks again for reporting this!


As we´re running 10.13 “High Sierra”, this would not be relevant, right?


(Dan Belcher) #5

Nope :slight_smile: