Rhino for Mac 5.1 crash on print dialog option change


Just reporting a repeatable rhino crash whenever I attempt to print a very simple file. The crash happens when I go into the print dialog, select ‘position’ and tick the ‘center’ checkbox. rhino immediately crashes completely. Actually I just tried again, and this time it crashed on changing from raster to vector output.

oddly, when I then start rhino again, it allows me to recover the crashed document, but then pops up a dialog telling my my version of rhino is out of date. except that it isnt. its the latest version (5.1). this out of date dialog only pops up after a crash. if i choose ‘check for updates’ it tells me i have the latest version.

here is the rhino file in which this happens.
chichi light.3dm (237.1 KB)

I also have RhinoWIP (5C146w) installed on this machine, and it does not have this problem.

Hi anomalous-

Thanks for reporting this. Better safe than sorry. Also, thank you for testing it in 5C146w …I just tested in the latest developer build, so it looks like we have fixed it. It sounds suspiciously related to a similar bug we saw causing crashes in the print dialog.