Black print preview in Rhino 7 print preview ok in Rhino 6 SAME file

Had an issue with slugish copy and paste.
Updated graphics driver to latest version for a Quattro Pro P4000 Nvidia.

Now when I open Rhino 7 files and try to print a layout I get a black preview page
If I switch between Vector and aster I get:

Vector I get a black page with annotatins on the layout with white back ground on a black page
Raster I get complete black page

No other changes have been made on the computer
tried rebooting not effect.

If I save the rhino as a Rhino 6 model and open in up in Rhino 6 Print Preveoiw is fine.
Appear to be some issue with Rinho 7. Happens to all files that were previulsy opened ok today
where te print preview was fine.
Have tried prining to see if the actual printed version works, but alas no, that’s all black too.


Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the results.
Hopefully something obvious will suggest a fix.

I fixed the typos in your topic title.

Thanks I tried to get back into my post but could not seem to edit it to correct them myself !!
tip for life … dont’ get old !! your fingers seem to get a mind of their own.


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Thanks John

Between posting the “black page print preview” and now Rhino updated to
Version 7 SR30 (7.30.23130.11001, 2023-05-10).
Now whn I open the same file and go to print the “Black page issue” seems to have resolved.

Was somehting chnaged in (7.30.23130.11001, 2023-05-10) that could have affected Print Preview ??