Black Friday deals on Rhino 8 upgrade licenses?

We can’t opt out of other people’s decisions

I am aware of the upgrade promotion. I have version 6.

I found an upgrade license for USD 370 which is substantially less than EUR 395 after doing a currency conversion, so I’ll consider that if I don’t find something even better.

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sounds like the ultimate castle never to be entered. doomed to die before you even aproach it. is that not what you said before?

now the snake gobbled up its own tale.

You are correct, your wellbeing figured prominently in my decision, you can’t opt out of that and I’m not asking. Does my invitation interrupt your life though? If anything I’m telling you, that you can ignore the desires of the corporal self, not that you can’t - I believe in you

Just keep in mind that in principle US resellers are not allowed to sell outside North America, if they do they are violating their reseller agreement with McNeel.

ignorance is not that bliss as some may think :vulcan_salute:

How does a more humane economy interrupt you? If I am ignorant, what do you call the support of an economy that doesn’t work for 90% of the population of the planet as well as it’s ecosystems? What do you call supporting your own oppression?

i think you are so hooked up on fending me off that you completely disregard that i am not against your opinion. in fact i substitute yours. now before you launch any more ego rockets towards me please reread the topic.

B-2-B enterprises don’t generally do “Holiday X” deals unless they’re super-desperate.

I don’t remember calling you ignorant - if you aren’t against it, why are you “substituting” it? I appreciate a good game of Devil’s Advocate, but this doesn’t look like one to me - I think the problem lies in what you wrote, not what I read - it reads the same the second and third time

that is often the problem, and internet does not help in identifying these issues better.

It’s not the internet refusing to elaborate on it’s statements though, it’s you…

I don’t know how busy you are, but if you have the time consider signing up for a distance learning academic course. McNeel are pretty liberal with the criteria you have to meet in order to get student pricing (and you can use the student licence commercially after you complete your studies).

I bought my first Rhino licence (R4) while studying Computer Science topics part time with the Open University. Mind you, I’ve repaid McNeel’s generosity by buying commercial upgrades ever since…

now make up your mind.

Okay… I’ll pretend like the two statements have some kind of link that implies I’m calling you ignorant - good talk… :sweat_smile:

and cynical comments are not going to help any of us either, and seems very ignorant indeed. if you want to chat further feel free to pm me. this ego shooter here is getting quite ridiculous.

You’ve certainly made it tempting :rofl:

tempting what? i am not sure if you are actually trying to communicate anything for real.
but as long as you have fun :man_shrugging:

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll have a look into that.

It would have been nice if there were a personal license option for non-commercial hobbyist use that fell somewhere between the student and commercial license. When I bought v5 and later upgraded to v6 the price were very reasonable, however since then we had a taste of “money printer go brrrr” and now the price does not make sense for hobbyist use anymore. People from 1st world counties don’t yet know the effect the strong USD has, but it’s huge and devastating for the rest of the world.

I still think for commercial use the price is very good, but for a home-gamer that makes no money from the software it becomes hard to justify.

Someone will reply that there are other cheaper alternatives, but that argument does not have any merit.