Black Friday deals on Rhino 8 upgrade licenses?

There was another lengthy thread on this recently. Maybe add to the debate there rather than duplicating the topic, please.

Actually the US$ is pretty weak and has been for a long time - quite a ways down from its high in late 2022. Worth about 0.92€ and 0.88 CHF.

CHF is up at the top of the ‘Big Mac’ index of comparable currency values (PPP - Purchasing Power Parity)

The question of value in terms of a single global price is a difficult one. The price of Rhino currently, especially on the educational level, does try to keep it in reach for the majority.

Yep… I’m not complaining… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was referring to 3rd world counties when I said the USD is devastating, so compare the USD with the currencies of shithole countries and zoom out your chart so that you see the long term trend and how it has accelerated over the last three years.

All FIAT currencies are melting ice cubes, but some are melting quicker than others. You guys happen to have the ones that melt the slowest, so you don’t notice what we’ve been noticing for years.

I can go into the details why that is happening, but it’s off topic and judging how a simple question over a Black Friday special turned out I better not say something politically unpopular on this forum as it will upset allot of statists.

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