Black Friday deals on Rhino 8 upgrade licenses?

Are there any good black Friday deals available on Rhino 8 upgrade licenses anywhere? The current promo price is not very attractive to me considering that I’m just a hobbyist user of Rhino 6 and my local currency is not worth the paper it’s printed on, so paying for software priced in Euros and US dollars is ridiculously expensive.

You might find an individual reseller that is making some special offer that will come out of their own pocket, but there is no official BF offer from McNeel - nor will there likely be, it’s not McNeel’s policy to offer such “sales”. There is only the official promotional price for the upgrade, available until 28 February.

Black Friday deals can be pretty illusory. Anything branded and current model that I have looked at this year, the “deals” are similar to what’s been available at intervals throughout the year. Headline price drops come on last year’s models.


We all like a good deal, but if we want an economy where we can afford things without deceptive bargains then Friday should be a day of resistance, not consumption. Just a thought - it’s the easiest protest you could ever do to violate the sanctity of the commodified spectacle.


@Helvetosaur Thanks for the thorough reply.

@Artstep & @jeremy5 Thanks. I’m not interested in buying junk, just Rhino 3D should there be a good deal on it somewhere. I bought my last upgrade license at a good price, so I’m asking if anyone might have seen a good deal somewhere. That’s all.

Just to clarify, it’s not “Buy no junk” - it’s “Buy nothing


@Artstep No, I will spend my money on what I want and when I want.

If you want to protest the ecomomic downturn then get the names and addresses of the bankers, politicians and their voters and take it up with them, but don’t tell me what to do.

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that is true, i often find prices which have been raised on these days to make it look like you are actually getting an offer. that is also true for just any shops out there during the entire year claiming to have the lowest prices in town, but if you go shopping around you find these are all crooked.

on the other side there are indeed shops which offer a fair reduction, prices you dont see ever otherwise. but nobody can stop you from going broke when you are dumb :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

hm, interesting thought. but to be honest, these kinds of protest are not helping. you will never engage enough people, and marketing is always on the hunt for new tricks. then you would have to advocate a universal STOP BUYING.

This is why I had to mention the “sanctity of the commodified spectacle” at all - apparently it’s blasphemous to even suggest not spending money for one day to attack the very bankers and politicians you want me to persecute - the layers of irony here are amusing, but a little tragic

“The person saying it can’t be done, shouldn’t interrupt the person doing it” comes to mind - the fact that some of the most potent forms of protest to the current economy are different kinds of inaction is a fascinating time to be alive. People won’t even do “nothing” for themselves though, it’s asking too much :rofl:

that is ironic, since the same is true for protesters trying to feel like jesus saving the rest of the world :man_shrugging::vulcan_salute:

And through their actions, he is? This matches their philosophy (along with some others)? Where is the irony?

those who preach not to engage, engage themselves, its like - only what i am saying is true and shall be engaged, the others are not true and shall stop engaging. not sure how to put it different.

@Artstep I really could not care less about the “commodified spectacle” of Black Friday, I care about buying Rhino 8 at a lower price and that was the purpose of this topic. If I can take advantage of the “commodified spectacle” to get a better deal I will take it.

I’m sure you can raise plenty of valid ideological reasons to be against the “commodified spectacle” of Black Friday, but in the end it’s not for you or anyone else to decide what others do with their money. Let them waste it on crap and feed the “commodified spectacle” if they want to.

I’m aware of the fake deals that make up for the majority of sales during this “commodified spectacle”, but that is not what this topic is about.

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I think that’s an argument in bad faith - I will not be buying anything tomorrow, I can promise you that - however, the point isn’t actually about you or me individually.

I am encouraging you to do nothing for one day and you’re saying I shouldn’t because I’ll never get enough people… that’s due to your choice, not mine. To imply that you and I are in disagreement makes no sense to me when I feel like I’m picking up disdain in your words for marketing and their “tricks”. Is there anybody that think that mindless consumerism is good for them? Am I saying something that anybody disagrees with? Even the OP showed his disdain for consumerism by referring to it as junk? We are all in agreement?

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i am simply sharing my believes. i am not telling you to do anything (though in a way i am but all that is so rhetoric :smiley: ). so how do people say it recently (?) you do you

Your question has been answered already, so now we can enjoy a meta discussion on consumerism. The issue isn’t Black Friday, that’s but a symptom - you’re right I don’t get to decide for you, all I can do is encourage you to decide for yourself and it sounds like in the current economy you can’t afford the tools that you need, which to me sounds like a great personal reason to participate in the simplest form protest, since collective reasons aren’t enough for you

I am against consumerism, yes. But I want Rhino 8 at the best price possible, so if there is an opportunity for me to get a better deal I will take it.

I will not be buying anything else tomorrow, because I don’t need anything else.

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Yes, “My indulgence is my truth” - god forbid anyone violates the tabernacle of individualism. “You do you” becomes troublesome when “me” infringes on “you”. And our infringements are more interconnected than spaghetti at this point. I am doing me though and inviting you to join in - saying it’s pointless, while mostly true, is also pointless? It’s really easy to make my point less pointless, just do nothing tomorrow :rofl: Ah, what a beautiful word salad this is turning out to be

just to be sure, you are aware of the current deal due to the launch of v8? do you have v7 already? strange is that the promotion is only valid for upgrades.

sounds very confining, when individualism prevents you from sharing experiences and ideas or taking such.