Black Component

Why does the component go black sometimes?
The family was created (but not placed yet).

That indicates it successfully ran. A nice shade of green would have been preferred, but whatever.

This looks more like an old banana…

Good to know.

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It means the component did a persistent change. The idea is you can zoom out and quickly found where the document is modified.
Still not all the components turn black in that case but eventually all that produce a change will do that.

Green was the first thought but since use to mean selected…

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Hi @kike.
Is this UI feature related to the way Rhino and Revit runs through the operation? Where later parts of the script need to be computed/ recomputed after earlier parts are run?

I recall @scottd mentioning something about this in a discussion some time ago.

Yes, it is the places the Grasshopper changed the Revit objects. I believe you could say components that have created a transaction in the Revit Database.

About the color discussion:

I have to say I sligtly freaked out seeing the component turning black :sweat_smile: even though I new already it meant something - just didn’t remember what.

If it is ok for me to suggest, what about a blue/turquoise color? I think the blue, just as the green, would naturally indicate a sucessful run. Something around those colors:

Grasshopper color for a component that has no errors is grey not green.
Green use to mean selected in Grasshopper.

The black is trying to express a persistent success if you like.
So is the same color as a regular success but harder.

Hi @kike

Ok, understood the logic behind, thank you for your answer.

You can and probably will ignore this, which is totally fine. I just feel I want to comment one last thing:

From an user-experience point, black is completely different from grey. Grey is usually background of something, you do not need to worry about it. It is just a complement, something to go with another color that will highlight what you want (which I understood it is exactly the idea).

The issue is that the black, instead of looking like what you want, it looks like something a little bit more like: “alert, this might damage you, take with precaution”, just like this

Here is an excerpt of the pdf that gives the idea of what I mean:

Black Box Warnings are issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to alert medical
professionals of potentially serious adverse reactions a drug has demonstrated.

I am from Brazil and we have the same block box warnings there. I believe that is why I freaked out a bit, unintentionally.

But anyway, I guess once everyone learn what it means then it will take another meaning. You probably have way more important things to care about than the color of the component.

Thanks for you comments, is really important for us to know the impresions of the users.

Well, in some way it means same thing you are referencing here.

Those black boxes are warning the user the effects of consuming something may produce persitent effects.
In our case it’s is also a warning, is warning you that instead of a volatile result, as you obtain with any other Grasshopper component, this one produces something persitent in your model.

After re-reading all the comments that was actually the impression I had. It makes the black way more fitting now! :sweat_smile: