Bitmap Texture Settings Potential Bug

Rhino 7 SR30 2023-6-12

I have observed that if I change the texture of a PBR material from within the Bitmap Texture Settings, the RenderContentChange.None event happens.

I was expecting it to be RenderContentChange.Attach or RenderContentChange.ChangeAttach.

What am I missing?

cc: @andy

Do you have any thoughts on this @andy?

Hi @Devang_Chauhan,

The button you clicked on is just for changing the file name, not the texture. It doesn’t actually attach a new texture, it just updates the file name in the existing texture. That means you shouldn’t get any kind of event related to attaching a render content.

I’m puzzled as to why you are receiving such an event when you use the […] button. Could you send me example code so I can try to repeat your results?