Texture mapping error with RhinoCyclescore.dll from 6.30 update

This is specific to the Cycles PBR Shader for rhino from GitHub. As of the 6.30 update, changing texture mapping U repeat has no effect for bitmaps. V works fine. This does not seem to affect the vanilla shaders. Using an older version of the. RhinoCyclesCore.Dll fixes the issue.

First image is using RhinoCyclesCore.Dll from 6.30, U is not scaling, V is. Second is using the one from 6.14? U and V scaling properly.

I’ll have to check, thanks for reporting.

Ok, this appears to be a problem with the Rhino PBR-based material from the plug-in. Texture mapping in Rhino 6.30 otherwise just still works. I’ll try to get a fix out soon in the plug-in.