Bitmap+ Save Bitmap component recompute

Hi @DavidMans, to start I would like to say Thank You! for the plugins you created and shared with us. In the past, I had Aviary on my list of things to try, but for some reason I never did it, it might be that I was a little bit overwhelmed by the number of components.
Anyway, we got Graphic+, Bitmap+, and others now to play with.

I appreciate that you took an effort to polish components, so they have dropdown lists and they are showing selected mode at the bottom, underneath the component. They are fully using the GH UI convention, which is great!

  1. As I was working with Bitmap+ to generate a series of images I quickly realized that Save Bitmap component can slow things down. Even if Save is set to False every time I recompute it takes a long time to process. In fact, Save set to False often takes almost the same time as set to True.
    Because of that behavior, I’m not really using Save input but rather Enable or Disable the component, but it is rather inconvinient - I can’t have boolean input and don’t want to use MetaHopper for a workaround.
    Is it possible to prevent Save Bitmap component from any computation when Save is set to False?

  1. I know I can create folder structure by myself with a simple C# component but since there are no vanilla GH components to create, move, analyze files or folders, etc. it might be good to allow creating folders if they do not exist before saving?

have you tried CullPattern on the Save input, using as Pattern the very same Boolean toggle that activates the Save component?

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Thanks! Nice, simple one component solution.
Still would expect Save Bitmap to work differently tho.

Hi Jakub,
Thanks for the great feedback.
Completely makes sense, I’ve modified the save component so that it only computes the inputs when true. Hopefully, this should solve the lag issue.
Also updated the directory function to create the directory if it does not exist and continue with the solution rather than returning an error message. It now just provides a warning. This is one I might roll back depending on feedback because it does open the door to accidentally writing files to unintentional directories. But, give it a shot.

The latest version 1.3.1 is now available for download.

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