Bitmap Images Display and Print Black

This happens from time to time. Sometimes moving the images helps, sometimes Savesmall, sometimes save, sometimes close/open. It never persists, but it’s annoying. It has been happening intermittently for months. Happens to a colleague on mac also.

Generally, black is an indication of an OpenGL failure.
Are you still having this problem?

Covid has shut things down so my rhino use has been sparse for the past few months, but its recurred through all my use of Rhino, so I don’t assume that it’s stopped.

Please open the Notifications panel and see if Rhino is suggesting you update display drivers.

Any luck with the updates?

At this juncture Rhino did recommended updates. There’s nothing available for the onboard display adapter, but the installed Geforce 1050 Ti was in need of updating now. However, it had been updated just 16 days before the original post here. I believe this issue has proven independent of displayware updates in the past. It’s an irregular occurence, but it becomes persistent when it happens. It might be a memory issue when I have a lot of bitmaps inserted in a model.

How much VRAM does your GeForce have?
What screen resolution are you running?
How many monitors?


Primary (Laptop) - 1920 x 1080
Secondary (BenQ) - 2560 x 1440

I have a small project with only one bitmap, and it’s been displaying as a black rectangle for the past while.

Moving it didn’t fix it, but Savesmall did.

Rhino and my display drivers are up to date.

This issue continues. Consequences can be difficult if its missed at the last minute.

4GB VRAM is only enough for a single standard resolution monitor.
You’re running 2 so you need 8 at a minimum.
If your image files or textures are using high resolution images, you’ll need more.

Try it again with booted up with one monitor and see if it’s better.
then try two again and you’ll know.