Pictures Display and Print as Black

This happens from time to time, whether my video driver has been updated or not. All jpgs on this page display and print in black.
Sometimes it goes away by moving a picture back and forth, sometimes by saving, sometimes by closing/reopening, but it can sometimes go unnoticed and result in imagery missing from a plot.

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Hello - are there many images displaying at once? Does it make any difference if you delete all but one, say? Are all the jpg rgb ones? I assume so since I guess they show at least some of the time, but cmyk ones may not show correctly. Also, what is the typical image size in pixels?


The issue arises no matter how many pictures are present. A colleague has the same issue on Mac.

Here’s another anomaly: The blocks on the left are the same photos as those on the right, but those on the left were copied and pasted from another layout. The ones on the right were re-“Pictured” from the drive. I haven’t seen this one before - maybe it’s related to the number of photos in this project (but I have 4 GB of Ram unused.) This one isn’t fixable without reloading the images (even with a close/reopen I had to reload the photos to get display and printable images.)

In another instance of a similar issue, an image wouldn’t appear at all (even as a solid hatch of colour) on a certain layout until I pasted another instance of the same image onto the layout.

Hello -
Can you tell me what the image sizes are like? And the video card that you have?


Each of those particular images (the ones showing as grey) are large - they’re panoramas - at about 30MB each, Pascal. (But the black-display-and-printing happens with images that are much smaller.)
The video card is an NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1050 Ti. WIth a name like that, it must be a racing car.

Hello - what is the pixel size?


10768 x 2304 and 6416 x 3776

I also regularly have problems with one that’s 1024 x 433

Here’s a likely related anomaly which happens from time to time. This is a plan view of walls with openings containing sills which have been displaying properly with Rhino’s “Light Concrete” texture. But at the moment they display and print black. I’ll resolve this with a save, or closing the project and opening again, but the anomaly becomes a big problem when it happens - as it has a few times - when directors and producers rush by to see what a project is looking like, and many elements suddenly go black ultimately requiring closing / repening.

Hello - for the directors, try Revert as a quicker way than close and reopen… but, I am still stuck on the image sizes - do you have problems with only a 1024 by 433 image in a file or are there typically images on the order of 10768 x 2304 as well? 10768 x 2304 = ~75 MB per image…



Those huge images are unusual. In fact any images at all in a file are a fairly recent item and I"ve been noticing this issue off and on for over a year. I don’t think it’s related to having too heavy an image load, but I can see your reasoning. I’ll take more careful note of the conditions when it happens.

Could it be related to having textures in render windows in a project?

Well, @jeff will know best, but I just notice that there could be quite a bit of memory used up by the images/textures you describe - whether this could contribute to the black image display, and at what point, I do not know, but I have a hunch that is where to start looking.