Bisector vector of adjacent surfaces

I want to place a bisector vector of normal vector of 2 adjacent surfaces on each inner edge specified below. After a certain stage I couldn’t progress.

Any help would be appreciated. (36.8 KB)


After Brep Topology, retrieve adjacent faces from the list of faces accessible via Deconstruct Brep. Then compute the tangent frame with Evaluate Surface and take the Average as the bisector. (48.7 KB)

First of all thank you for your quick reply. But what I need is to put vectors on the lines inside. Could there be a different way to achieve this? You can find my solution in the attached file, but that’s not really the way I want to go. (44.6 KB)

Brep Edges gives the list of interior edges, from there I’d test the distance to the faces and take all faces that are less than 0.1 mm away. This method is more generic. (45.5 KB)

If you want to keep the solution with Brep Topology, remove branches that don’t have 2 adjacent faces. (48.9 KB)

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Thank you so much…