Select interior faces of a BREP

I need to select the interior faces/edges of these BREPS starting from the BREPS themself. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot, Roy

select interior faces of a (23.7 KB)

Do you mean in a more automized way, or how do you mean select?

Hi Felix, in an automate way, I’ve already did it manually as you can see in the GH file. Thanks, Roy

Hi @lopez ,

Do you have the bit of gh script or Rhino file that generated these forms?

While it can be solved as is, it would be MUCH easier to solve by having each “frame half” of the “arch L” already separated prior to any joining/mitering that occurred at the closest point in camera view.


Hi Michael, nope, I can’t separate the brep. My idea was to use the distance to the centre of the brep but I haven’t found a solution.
Thanks, Roy

@lopez Understood.

I have a script in the works that will tackle it, I’ll have to finish it later.

It essentially gets the bounding box of each “frame” / splits it into halves on the diagonal, determines which faces of the overall frame are within each of these “haves” and then determines which of these faces are the closest to the center of said faces.

I’ll share tonight or tomorrow morning, almost done.

Here’s a way for now while @michaelvollrath returns with a true solution:
select interior faces of a (35.0 KB)

Intrigued by this - I couldn’t visualize it properly after splitting bounding boxes with a plane from their diagonal vectors- most likely the limit of my knowledge :slight_smile:

Nice one @René_Corella! purely based on your file. This logic works with this specific geometry.
@lopez If you have other different geometries that require the same selection, please upload them to test.


select interior faces of a (33.3 KB)

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Hi, All!
Thanks a lot.
Now I need to fillet the exterior edges of these faces (I thought it was easy after selecting the faces but I have not yet done it). Any suggestion?

Since it seems to be the same geometry, Rhino modelling would have been faster…
Some surfaces doesn’t have a valid edge for fillet. (57.6 KB)

Hi Thomas,
Thank you for trying.
Anyway, it seems there is an error on the fillet angle: