BIM model with Rhino 7 | Mac M1


I would need BIM-models of our product for Revit and ArchiCAD, with changeable surface textures. I have built an accurate model and textures with Rhino 7 on Mac M1.

Are there any options for producing the models myself with the Rhino and possible plug-ins, or do I need to outsource this?

Thanks in advance!

p.s my first topic after being a Rhino devotee for +7 years. Yeee!

Hautaloid, Unfortunately all of the BIM plugins available for Rhino require windows operating system, with Bootcamp being the recommended Macintosh route for interoperability between the various BIM dedicated software.

BricsCad might be a solution here, they have a mac version and solid Rhino workflow.

Thanks for the tip! I shall look into this. I’ll come back to report if I found this to be the solution.