Will Rhino.Inside for BricsCAD be ported to Mac OS soon?

I watched the webinar on Rhino inside BricsCAD with Grasshopper and BIM. It was awesome. But only available for Windows. My Rhino 7 license is Mac version, BricsCAD has a Mac version but the license isn’t usable on both platforms - I’m seriously thinking about moving main CAD software (after 25 years) - I’ve always used Rhino for the NURBS side of things so being able to use Rhino inside the application would be a major contributor to that decision

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Hi @charlie2,

Sorry no, there won’t be a Rhino.Inside for the Mac any time soon.

Your Rhino 7 license is dual platform. You can run either Windows or Mac if you want.


– Dale

Does any time soon mean not at all or in a year or so?
The issue being the BricsCAD licence is single platform and not only do I dislike Windows as an OS, running it on top of the Mac OS then running all this software is going to cook the computer

We don’t have any projected timeframe and Rhino.Inside on Mac is not being worked on. It will not be part of Rhino 7. If we figure out hiw to do this, it will be done in a future version of Rhino.

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Any updates on it?

I want to switch to mac, and seems Rhino + GH + BricsCAD will be great team.

Hi @nickonimus,

No, there has been no work done on the Mac side.

BricsCAD runs on Windows, of course.

– Dale