Bidirection Reflectant Distribution Function (BRD) : Rhino Rendering Engine

When using Rhino v5’s default render settings, with a default shader applied to the object being rendered—what is the BRD function?

I’m asking because I’m trying to compare the results to something comparable with the Vray plugin. I’m writing a white-paper on the psychological effects of certain shapes using Grasshopper models. The reviewers of the journal asked me specifically for the BRD details and were unsatisfied of by my specification as “default rhino render settings.” While I have your attention, if you know where more technical details regarding the Rhino v5 renderer (not regarding plugins, but the default renderer particularly). can be had, I’d really appreciate it! I’ve already tried looking through this forum, google, google scholar, & the Rhino v5 manual, but I haven’t found the necessary level of explanation yet. Thanks for your help!


Where do you see this option/setting in Rhino 5? Can you provide a screenshot? Thanks.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for trying to help. The BRD function isn’t something that visible in the program. So my question is really about what the underlying shader model is for the default Rhino v5 renderer. An answer in example to my question would be something like: the phong model or the lambert model.

Any illumination on this is appreciated!

Thanks for explaining more… @andy can you answer this one?