Bicycle on path - 3D curve - gravity, acceleration, friction

Hello, I’m working on a Mechanics problem that I wanted to try to do in Grasshopper. I have a road which I am representing as a path/curve. There is a bicyclist on this curve and I need to apply gravity, acceleration, friction to calculate velocities at certain points. I am looking into varying parameters as bicyclist stops pedaling when going downhill and pedals hard upward.

Which version of Kangaroo is better for this? As far as I know K1 never included tension so I decided to try K2. Am I wrong?

I have previous experience in K1 but I’m still confused in K2. To get me started, any suggestions on what components I should be looking at? My guess is (please let me know if this is correct):
-all of the following would be GOAL OBJECTS: gravity as a “Load”, acceleration as a “Load” with a curve tangent vector in a domain of parameter t on a curve, friction as a (???), path as a Mesh so I can collide the bicycle (point/brep) with it?
-which of the solvers should I use for the calculation of values at specific points and consequent animation?

Is it possible to do something similar for a banked curve with a brep that leans into the curve?

Reference videos from Daniel Piker that I was looking at: ,

There are a lot of questions, please answer as many as you can and I’ll also appreciate any reference links.