Better use of viewport ZBuffer functionality please

Hi @Jarek,

No control exists to adjust the physical near and far clipping planes…It’s been on the todo list for a long time but just hasn’t found its way to the top… However, I don’t believe this will fix any of the tiling seams…but maybe…won’t really know until it’s tried. I’ve already got in place a way to tell Rhino what the near and far values are (which was an attempt to fix the tiling seams), but it didn’t work. Apparently even having two adjacent viewports using the exact same near and far values still does not generate the exact same z-values along the seam(s).

It was not my intention to “tease” anyone with the ShowZBuffer command…It started out as a debugging tool I made and used when working on the real time shadows architecture…Somehow the test command got leaked, which eventually caused it to become a real command due to its popularity. My point? It’s initial design was for viewport only, WYSIWYG output, and it was never meant to be used to capture huge (larger than physical monitor size) resolutions. In order to do that, I think a completely new, more robust design is in order.