Best way to surface this planar sided shape?


Item should be planar sided from B/D to C, and sweep out in an arc to A from B and likewise at lower area.
I then need to fillet it onto the cylinder to lose the sharp angle thereon the long edge.

However sweep1rail makes it non planar at B onward to C for a short distance

What is the solution here ?
…and how best to make a small fillet , I had a go at the surface ABDE onto the cylinder and with trim yes half the cylinder vanished , so went with trim no and then see I have to redo the brown surface at the cylinder area afterwards.

best way sweep then fillet at cylinder_.3dm (442.8 KB)



Extrude the shape (cyan) from the top down, then solid split/wirecut it with the side view profile (red). Integrate into existing cup profile (BooleanUnion) and then fillet the transition edges.

You probably need to cut a center hole for the handle though.

CupExampleV5.3dm (2.7 MB)

Pastry cutter method. ok
However having taken centre red profile, and used boolean Difference and a solid from that profile, I have a flat top situation going on where A is. (also E)

desired is:-

caused by extruding cutter from centre line, it needs to have a different shape up there.

However I cannot fathom out how to tweak it,

best way sweep then fillet at cylinder_then fillet.3dm (1.3 MB)


This can be solved in a dozen different ways using basic surfacing techniques. A couple of quickies:

Instead of cutting the handle profile from the Right view, use Revolve to revolve the profile using the cup’s center. Then use CreateSolid with the extrusion and the revolve to create the handle. This will leave a slight crown on the outer vertical surface of the handle, which might even be nice aesthetically.

Or, simply extract the outer profile surface, and use Split>By Isocurve to remove the parts near the cup. Then replace this with a Sweep 1 that includes the upper cup edge, the resulting surface will fit the cup perfectly. You will then need to trim the excess surfaces off and join all together.

CupExampleV5-2.3dm (3.3 MB)

Hi, Thanks,
I like the rotate one.
I had another stab at it and copied the red profile to A, trhen surfaced it, and extended it into the cup at ‘A’, added some extra surfaces to create a cutter beyond the item to be trimmed, as anything co-planar fails Boolean Difference.
That worked.

It is by the way not a cup, (its an open cylinder anyway ), but the Elevator control rod attachment on a Spitfire Mk V control column ! has a ball race in the centre of the flange.