New to Rhino, how to fillet this way?


I’m very new to Rhino. I have a beam-like shape that is thinner at its ends. The shape of the bar is in S shape. So the edges that go all long this S shape are sharp, where I want to define an arc for the fillet tool. So my question is… how can I fillet the edges that their roundness comes from a predefined arc or curve shape, instead of the “circled” shape that the tool uses? Extrude won’t work for me because the end caps are not perpendicular to shape.
I’m thinking to have a defined fillet curve for each end end and one for the middel.

pic upload

This is how my object looks like. So in bootom top vieport, the red square is the section of the object and the black arc is the fillet that I want to me to the edge. How to achieve it on that shape?

Thank you!

If you upload your file so we can see your work it would be helpful otherwise we are just guessing regarding your question.

All my best … Danny

Thank you, I updated.

split the surfaces back by isocurve (right click on split tool) then use blend surface, or make a curve to your liking and use 2 rail sweep.

this will allow you a ton of control of the shape of the “fillet”

What theoutside above said will work but if this confuses you I will again say if you post the file for your drawing (not the image) then we can work on your drawing. To put your file on the forum just start a message and then click on the cloud above, it will open a window and ask what you want to upload, pick your file from your machine and then tell it to upload.

All my best … Danny

learning.3dm (65.4 KB)
I can’t seem to split by isocurve… it gets all the object selected.
This is for leaning, because I have to “fillet” a rings edges. And they are just like this file where I’m trying to learn this.

Thank you guys for the fast response!

Hi Alex - try this:

OffsetCrvOnSrf the edge on the top face and on the side face by the amounts you like. Loft from one of these to the edge curve to the other offset with the Loose option. You will probably need the Rebuild option on Loft with a good number of points - I used 32 here.

learning_PG.3dm (131.5 KB)