How to make a fillet all the way around an object without surfaces crossing over?

Hi, I attached my files bellow. Is there a way to fix the fillets to make them go around the whole object smoothly. Or, perhaps, is there a simpler way to model this? Any help would be appreciated- Anna

this part has a lot of naked edges- (showedges command) fix those first, make sure the part is closed and try your fillets again. if it fails- you can always model the gap where the fillet goes by trimming the face and the side surfaces back and then filling the gap with blendsrf, sweep2 et…

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Hi, Thanks it worked! Could you advise me how to cut out a shape from a network surface, I’m not sure why it’s not working here.

upload the file. is hard to find the problem from an image.

stool cutting.3dm (7.2 MB)

Ok, all you see green in the image below are naked edges, surfaces unjoined. your cutting surfaces also has naked edges.

I would suggest to clean a bit your input curves and model it again but leaving the details to the end, something like this:
build half of the exterior shape using Sweep2 as described:

then you can use Mirror and Cap to close the object:

Now you can use the Shell command to give it the thickness you need ( check the help panel to know how it works if you don’t know it - or press F1 right after selecting the command)

then you can use your cutter as a solid object from a planar curve and make a boolean difference

then if all the fillets are the same, you can make them all at once, if not, first make the bigger ones


Thanks a lot! I’m used to fusion and this is quite different, I’ll follow your steps. Thanks again.

Hi, I’m just following your steps, they are very helpful. I’m getting a “shell result is not solid” warning. I’ve checked for naked edges and there doesn’t seem to be any. It works at the back but not at the front and bottom. I would appreciate any feedback to help fix the problem. I attached the new file below.

shell problem1.3dm (3.3 MB)

you can make the base surface, then make the fillets

stool cutting-yo.3dm (5.0 MB)


check the @vikthor file, is cleaner about the curves, it will help you.

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Thank you will give it a go. Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

I used @vikthor 's method and it worked well. Thank you again! I just have one last problem to solve. I would like to add a connection between the two legs as shown in the photo below. I’m struggling to model them so that they join the remaining surfaces (so that fillets can be added at the end of the process). Do you have any ideas how to incorporate this part, perhaps during the shell process to make it work?

SUPPORT.3dm (700.8 KB)

the idea being that at the end it is one seamless structure

www.3dm (203.7 KB)


Thank you so much!