Best way to share material libraries on network drive?

Hi all,

We’ve just updated to nXt here in the office, and while we’re getting everything working again, it would be great to sort out our material libraries so that they are on a shared network drive (F:), rather than on our individual C:\ drives so that we all have access to the same materials to use and edit.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to go about this?

At the moment, I have copied the standard materials to a network folder, then added that link to the Flamingo nXt search locations, but we don’t seem to be able to remove the standard C:/ drive location from the list of directories - when Rhino is restarted, it comes back again.

It would also be great to have a way to share our HDR image library on the network too, in a similar way.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Is this Flamingo NXT or NXT 5?

In Flamingo NXT,you can set the Library Folders and search path in the Options dialog. Of course the C: options can be removed.

Once set, you will also need to select the library in the Flamingo Control panel, simply navigate to the F drive. Then close Rhino. That should set the default location.

In NXT 5 Beta is a bit different.

Did this work for you? Are the paths saving in options?

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. We’re using nXt and Rhino 4.0.

We’ve copied the “standard” materials to a shared drive successfully and also added our own now, but every time I remove the C:/ drive link, it re-appears again. I remember having this problem with the old Flamingo, and running as administrator was the answer, but that doesn’t seem to be helping this time.

We’ve managed to set the default location to F:/ now, but it would be great to remove the link to C:/ so that we can make sure we only use the shared materials. Any ideas?

Rhino 4 and which operating system?

Did you actually move the material files from the local path? I would move the materials libraries out from the local path so that NXT cannot find any locally. Then the network materials should be found.

Windows 7.

Have copied the materials to the network drive, but not deleted from local
drives yet because I wanted to be sure all was OK before we got rid of
them. Might do that and then there is no chance of a mix-up.

Is there any way to remove the link in the settings as well?

The specific file that holds the paths is here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McNeel\Flamingo nXt\FlamingoOptions.xml

That can be edited in a text editor. See if that helps. Trying to edit it will also help us understand if your login has the correct rights to edit it.

Thank you Scott. Will give that a try when I’m back in the office and
report back.

Hi Scott,

Having got back to the office, I edited the .xml file by removing the C:/ drive paths in notepad, then saved the file.

Once I re-opened Rhino, however, the C:/ paths are still there in the options menu… Is there anything more I can do, or is the best bet just to empty the C:/ folders of any materials etc. any accept that the links to them are here to stay?

Thanks for all your help with this, by the way - the McNeel support is really great.