Reloading Material Palettes

We are using Rhino V4.0 with Flamingo nxt

Im trying to reload our material palettes so that we are working with the same palettes.

We created a folder on our local network and copied all the needed materials/folders into that location. Then loaded that path into the flamingo nxt options window, where you can select where your library location will be. I loaded that path into the “Library folder” dialog box, but the program continues to use the previous location even if I delete it out of that dialog box.

Please help, How do I truly change the the destination folder fir the library folders for both loading and material creation purposes?


Hi Brennan,

There are two ways to do this I think for all the users who’ll be accessing this material library. If you add the path to the nXt options page it will be in the list at the top of the material libraries flyout like this

If you delete the default paths from the nXt options page, they will actually still be there regardless though. You can navigate to the new path on each machine and close Rhino 4 to set this as the new default location. Rhino will look to this last selected location on the next launch. If that’s not working, my guess would be that it’s related to user rights on the machine. You could try running Rhino as admin through the right click menu for the application shortcut to get around that.