Problems with importing mesh in a other program


I’am working on a meshed model and I have to import the model into a motion calculation program (mozes),
but importing the mesh in mozes give some problems it looks like the mesh is not closed but when I do the check in Rhino it says it is a good mesh (see the picture), I am a beginner in meshing so that’s why I have some problems.
see the picture,
the mesh an the right is joint together and the mesh an the left is explode (the original).
The export file should be a .ply file

I hope someone can help me, sorry for the bad English,

Hi Roel,

You could try and after joining the mesh, run the Command _Weld with an angle of 180° on the mesh before exporting. This will change the topology so that no duplicate vertices are in the mesh. Maybe mozes likes that better.

Report back if that does not work.


Ps your English is just fine!

Do you use OBJ for export? It’s a better format than 3ds. Also you could try FBX.

He Willem,

Thank you for your response it worked !!
you saved the day,


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