Best way to express dust particles?

Is there a good way to express dust particles?

So not just round dots but some curved dust from fibers and such…?

Do you have an image that shows what you want to achieve?

It was a bit difficult to find but, something like below but not
just placed on the surface, but a bit floating around.

Actually even round dots are ok, main is getting things floating in 3D space.
(also something like smoke)
[just for info, Currently using RhinoRender]

The Rhino Render doesn’t have much in the way of volumetrics other than the fog post effect.
You could try with planes that are in front of the camera with a texture that is mostly transparent except for some spots and streaks as in that image.

I see, I’ll try it out. Thanks!

I’ll also look into the fog post effect.
Is it available in mac too?

I’m not so sure. There is no hit for fog in the help file but then again it’s not on the list of commands not on the Mac - but then again, it’s not really a command…