How do I use polar array correctly here?

Hi there,

i need 8 cylinders 45 degrees apart around this front plate. These should later be slots for screws. I haven’t worked with this feature before and somehow it never works the way I need it … any tips? :slight_smile:
Frontpalte.3dm (170.8 KB)

Hello- Make one cylinder in place - ArrayPolar in Front, snapping to the center of one of the circular edges of the plate, 8 items…

Is that what you mean?

If you do this with History enabled, you will be able to modify that first one and have the others update.


But how can I adjust the distance? So it has to be all around but with a distance of 45 degrees

Are you using Array or ArrayPolar? To copy objects around a circle use ArrayPolar. ArrayPolar uses the number of objects and the angle to array the objects around, not distance.

Enter the number of objects desired. 8 is the number for objects arranged at 45 degrees intervals around a circle.

Enter the angle to arrange the objects around. 360 is the number for around a complete circle.