Best performance hardware for Cycles rendering on a laptop

Ok so I did some research on Cycles and found this list:
I wrote down some of the cards that interested me… but its a bit odd. For example, the GTX 1080 ti isn’t even double a GTX 1050 ti. I would never even use a 1050 ti for V-Ray or Octane. Does this make sense? Also Quadro cards worth it at all?


Not sure about that benchmark site - it shows a GTX 980 as fasted over a GTX Titan X and GTX 1080 Ti. That doesn’t make sense either. Most likely we’re looking at heavily modded and overclocked cards, potentially some manual optimization of the CUDA code. There are even CPUs in the GPU list. I’d be very careful in making decisions based on this list.

I have a GTX 1060 and GTX 760 in my machine, and a Radeon Pro WX 9100, and on-CPU Intel HD Graphics 630 (but no, I don’t use this last one for Raytraced). Enough to distribute the workload of using Rhino and Raytraced so that it all feels fluent.

Quadro cards are there not only for the Raytracing part (obviously), but will shine in the regular viewport modes for huge models. I don’t have a Quadro myself, but I’m sure @John_Brock and @pascal can praise their own cards.

So a GTX 1060 laptop would be fine? If a Quadro P2000 and 1060 are the same price… which would you recommend. Thanks!

I would look at different GPU benchmarks, so that you can better see the trend. I like this

The GTX 1060 seems to be faster than the P2000.

Maybe you like to use Enscape in the next time too, than I would take a GTX1080ti, since Enscape support to use one card only. Maybe after Christmas the prices are lower. :wink:

If it is a full 1060 it should be fine, but note that the mobile versions are clocked lower so they run slower as well.