Best patch layout for this 5 sided hole?

I have a 5 sided hole I struggle with. I can’t seem to find the right patch layout where this area is smooth:

My attempt is attached below. The constraints are fairly fixed but simple. There are some orange/brown G0 srfs to match and some cyan/blue G1 srfs to match:

The file utilizes a fair amount of history. I tried to label some of the layers to help you identify how something was made.

Here’s the file:

5-Sided-Help.3dm (354.1 KB)

You can ping me on Discord (QEcho#0001) or MSFT Teams (gmail is emarvets) if you want to screen share/chat.

Here’s another approach, but it’s not perfect. I used two rail sweep, trimmed that, then made a edge surface and matching that one. Next to it is a Quadremesh > SubD result
2023_03_08_5-Sided-Help.3dm (2.2 MB)

Interesting, thank you.

What were the Quadremesh settings you used?

this may help- (Fwiw, all of sky’s videos are must watch for anyone wanting to deep dive into advanced surfacing)

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