Multiple materials on 3 dimensional polysurface object?

I don’t use materials much in Rhino, but I see that coming in the near future. If I remember correctly, I cannot have two or more materials on a polysurface or solid. e.g. a cube. Such an item must be exploded and each face painted and then grouped. Correct?

Hello - you can assign materials to individual polysurface faces by sub-object selecting them (Ctrl-Shift click) and then in the Materials panel, select a material, rmb context menu > Assign to objects.


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This sounds like what I want but it is not working for me. I want to paint the wall with the large window the same green as the side wall. After sub-object selecting, and with the face highlighted, “Assign to objects” assigns to the entire model and I see another material created.

This was truly weird. Nothing I did could fix it. That wall is a separate polysurface not attached to anything. I eventually rebuilt the part and it painted correctly. But the rendering oddities I’ve been seeing on occasion are mystifying.