Best approach to blending these surfaces

I am trying to blend these surfaces and have been splitting, blending and rebuilding curves to 7pt/6degree. Hoping for G2 continuity but not sure that is possible. I have been extracting iso and split/shrink around creased areas then adding additional surfaces but not getting the desired outcome, feel like i’m chasing my tail

I do not have a grasp of what to expect in regard to Gn continuity and what is attainable relative to overall surface build. If blending curves then rebuild to equivalent point/degree counts should one be always looking for g2 or greater, or are there times when g1 is what is possible and nothing more, and how does one know the difference?

Any pointers on how one would rebuild these surfaces is appreciated. thanks -miketelRelief.3dm (375.0 KB)

Hi Mike,
It depends where are your constraints. I got a nice result by rebuilding your curves so the curvature graph is better and leaving one segment out.
telRelief_Marc.3dm (649.6 KB)

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Hi MIke - given what you already have, you can clean up by

  1. MatchSrf the larger surfaces to each other for tangency, with Average checked, direction Automatic
  2. MatchSrf the smaller to the larger for curvature, with average un-checked, direction Automatic.


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