Bend surface and curve

Is there a way to bend a surface (resulting in curved surface) in a way that curve that is drawn on the surface also gets bent? Like one would bend a piece of paper which has drawing on it.

Maybe there is some plugin?

My best shot so far is to split curve in to many pieces and do same for the target surface. Then orient each piece of curve near the each piece of surface. And use Pull curve on surface component. If the division is dense enough result is almost there but never 100%…

bend curve and (2.8 KB)

bend curve and (10.0 KB)

Try Bend Deform

The situation with the curve not laying perfectly on the curved surface remains.
You’ll have to use Pull Curve

Hi, thanks for looking in to this!

Seems that it’s almost there, but still not perfect. I’m comparing the length of the input and resulting curves. There is a small difference, so something must be off:

You can use Fit Curve to rebuild the curve prior to bending it

try flow along crv

The result is very much the same

bend curve and (25.1 KB)

bend curve and surface (12.9 KB)