Bend surface Rhino/grasshopper

I am trying to achieve the attached images.
The aim is to be able to control the surface curves without stretching, but bending with Grasshopper/Kangaroo.

Capture2 HELP

You could use Point Deform. Need Lunchbox. (11.3 KB)

Fab, I will have a test now and let you know how it goes.
I’ll get lunchbox installed in a minute and try.
Thanks for the help.

You may also find it useful to rely on actual arc-based bending from the transformation options (15.0 KB)

Just add more lines in same direction for a more gradual bend - No plug-in needed.

  • though Kim’s great example with point deform looks closer in appearance to what you’re after


Kim this works brilliantly. I can easily modify the gradient which is great.
I wonder if a second point/line can be added to be able to control the shorter side better.
Applying a second point deform perhaps?
Any thoughts?

Resolved, simply adding two sliders for U and V did the job.