Bending an Straight Structure to an Organic Structure

Hello! I have a question that I could not see throughout this forum but I am struggling to bend a “wall” to fixt an oval shaped object that is flat to make a rounded container. As you can see below, I have two “lids” on the left and the two walls on the right. I had attempted to move the walls to fix the shape around the oval lids, but I could not get it to work! What is the best way to get around this?

It is easier to provide assistance if a .3dm file with the geometry is available. To upload a .3dm file click on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post, or drag the file to the window where you type a post.

You could try creating a simple surface which matches the edge of the lids, possibly using Extrude. Then FlowAlongSrf to flow the flat shapes along the surface.