Flowing an object to a spherical and cylindrical surface

I’m not certain this is possible, but hoping someone here has an idea. I’m quite new to the modeling world, but have tried a few things, with no luck.

I’ve seen several examples on how to use Flow or FlowAlongSrf to get an object to warp along another, but neither seem to work in my particular case. I’m trying to add eyes to a shape which is spherical on top, and then becomes a tapered cylinder. I’d like them to lay against the rest of the model, but with the shape of it, the Flow commands don’t seem to work. I tried Bending as well, but that just ended up pushing them inside the other shape.

Should I be taking a different approach here? The eyes are ellipsoids, which were cut in half. I tried using just ellipses, which I was able to Project to the body surface, but then I couldn’t get them “domed” again, like the ellipsoids.

It looks okay from the front, but as seen on the inset side view, they’re just hanging in space.

flow_eyes.3dm (261.3 KB)

Hi Will - see how this works for you - I merged (MergeSrf) the two surfaces and then rebuilt (Rebuild command) them to a fairly high point count - the result acts as a nice, evenly parameterized target surface for OrientOnSrf. The target is on its own layer in the attached file.

flow_eyes_pg.3dm (354.7 KB)


Pascal, this worked brilliantly, thank you! It took me a little bit to figure out OrientOnSrf, but it was perfect once I got past that (first few tries deformed the eyes weirdly). I hadn’t used MergeSrf, or even Rebuild before either, so this was a great learning exercise.