Bend Object Along Curve

Is there an alternative command to flow that can bend an intricate column along a specific curve with so much distortion? Or is this something that needs to be/can be done with grasshopper?

Hi Em - the Flow command should help here.


Thank you.
This issue I am having is I need to have the base surface flat on the ground. I tried moving the reference curve to the front, however the back is then less accurate, and is what needs to accurately follow the curve for installation. I’ve turned off stretch so it does not distort, but is there a way to have the base start flat on the ground plane? I attached a simplified version of the geometry I am working with.

Column-test.3dm (5.8 MB)

Hi Em - it will follow your curve, so you need to set the curve up so it makes sense.
That said, I think I’d Revolve the profile shape and stick it on top of the base, not bend the whole thing…


I see what you are saying, thank you. The curve I have is what it needs to be, because that is the curve of the wall surface that the column will run along. So I guess I need to come up with a different design solution for the base to not be raised off the ground, and have the rest still follow the curve. Thank you.