Flow Mesh Along Curve

I know I’m over-complicating this, so I figured I’d ask the experts…
I never work with meshes, so this is all pretty new to me. I’m on a project now where I need to recreate an existing decorative molding, and have it milled on our CNC. On the sign where this molding will be installed, it follows a curve. I’m trying to have Rhino do the bending for me, so that we won’t have to physically manipulate the trim after the fact.
Basically, I found 2 separate acantha leaf flourishes in Aspire’s clipart, pieced them together to look like the existing trim that we are replacing, and brought the STL file into Rhino. They are two meshes, and repeated to form the decorative trim.
My questions: How do I repair the 2 individual mesh pieces that were importing into Rhino so that I can boolean them together without getting errors? Then, once I create the full length ornate trim, what’s the easiest way to flow the trim along a curve? I attached a file of the trim (although it will not boolean together) and the curve that I need to flow along.acanthamoldingexport.3dm (12.8 MB)

So, update…
I think I’m on the right track here. I need to FLOW ALONG SURFACE. If I take the profile curve that I need to conform to, and planar extrude a surface, then make a copy of that surface and flatten it, I can use those to flow along and give me the desired outcome. I think…Still working on it.

I still don’t know how to repair the mesh to make it a valid closed object, but for my intents and purposes, I think I can get it to work without doing that. But any other help, comments, and suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Hello - Flow ought to do it - use the Line option as the input curve or draw a line - snap to each end osf the set of meshes with the Vertex snap.