Bending a revolved shape along curve.....parametrically?

Hello. I’m a rhino noob. My experience is mostly with fusion. I am trying to build a structure using the shape in the picture. It’s a revolved shape. And then I would like to bend the centerline along a curve on a plane that is at an angle to one of the standard planes. In fusion, I can create the plane, the sketch and revolve parametrically. If I create the revolve as a form, I can manually bend the shape along the curve. BUT if I then change the location of the plane and thus the sketch, the form doesn’t move to match. If I change the original sketch, the form doesn’t change. Not very parametric if you ask me. moving the sections manually is imperfect. Can rhino do this? Is it a grasshopper workflow?

I have done it as a loft and then a chamfer, but that doesn’t look right.
Is this a nurbs operation?

Hello- I don’t know if this is it but have a look - turn on control points for the red object in the center of the doo-dad axis. Move the control points around… ?

CageEditCylindrical.3dm (91.5 KB)


Hi pascal. Thank you for the effort. I only have rhino 6 and was unable to view the file… was this manual?or did you attach it to your curve with rhino magic?

Tom, here’s the file in Rhino 6. He used the CageEdit set to the object (red), that’s the voodoo.
R6_CageEditCylindrical.3dm (106.5 KB)

I was able to spend some time with rhino this morning. I was unable to duplicate Pascal’s smooth move.

I made the curve, joined it, revolved and cage edited. When I used the box it was weird. When I did line it deformed the outer rim of the base. Any suggestions? Thanks again