Bend plate

trying to recreate this piece in Rhino without success, any suggestions would help. It will be a 42"x120"x.25" plate painted steel


I think you can get this by drawing a path that mimics the leading edge of the plate.

from there draw a simple rectangle (to match the cross section of the plates dimensions). . . orient the rectangle to the base of of your path. . . and try using the ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv function.

maybe your path itself can undergo a series of slight Bends (so that it leans in the right direction), or you could just model a couple of curves, or a combination thereof.

It’s also useful to set points for this sort of thing… moving the points around and then using them as a snap tool aid for when you draw in the more refined curves/paths.

Hi Jim,

thanks for your suggestion;
I tried all three in varying ways but it didnt work…I just came to the possibility of starting with a rectangle, Rebuild it, and then use the control points to bend it, and then fold the foot before extrudingCrv, and OffsetSrf. Haven’t quite gotten there yet but it seems to work. Thanks again.

Ah, where’s Richard Serra when you need him?

I’ll try to play around with this a bit and let you know what I come up with. but it will be a while before I’m in front of my computer again so maybe others will help figure it out sooner.

Do you have and other photos of this from a different angle.

I’d use Loft between two curves. This will work with History enabled as well to edit the curves and update the surface afterward.

I will look. I hope I never need him, not the most amiable character in the world, and thanks again.

wow, that’s brilliant! what curve command did you use, and did you draw the in the perspective view and the Loft it?

I used the Curve command and drew a straight line first for the base with two clicks. Then using End Osnaps I drew a connecting curve in the side view for the backwards question mark shape. Join to join them and FilletCorners to round the kink where they join. I used Copy to make a copy of the curve off to the side and turned on the control points of each to edit them for asymmetry before lofting.

Hello Brian,

than you, this is very helpful. I hadn’t thought about this way at all…