Doing it the rhino way I cant see how to model the twist


I cannot envisage what the bend will be at the front end of this radiused bend.
What would it be and how does one achieve it ?
curve into bend

The item is shown before ‘shelf’ is attached and bent through 90 degs. The shelf doesnt quite touch the underside of the pink item, so after trimming off the top to make shelf flush, I then used filletEdge 0.04 inner bend and 0.076 outer rad bend. trimmed off excess but need to make good the ends. There would be no corners in the bend, nothing that cause a tear to form.

Rhino has us envisage the area and construct it but this has got me beat.
curve into bend.3dm (1.0 MB)

also this simple file wouldnt upload said exceeds limit, it was 20mb, why is this 20Mb ?

I saved small and now 1mb.

Its been taking ages to save, no wonder.

P.s. two halves differ in feet hole config, not a mistake.



I’d look at some sheet metal parts - my guess is there is a deep relief there cutting back into he fillet you already have in place - this kind of thing:



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