Beginner help: Weird shading glitch on solid polysurface

Hello! I am new to Rhino and I was following a tutorial and bumped into this problem.
I’ve cut the initial geometry with WireCut then the resulting chunks were scaled a bit and reattached with BooleanUnion to the original geometry… then used FilletEdge to smooth everything out. Then I found this defect, not sure if it’s just a display issue or is something wrong with the polysurface.
I am not used to modelling with NURBS, in a mesh situation I would just bridge those two vertices creating a new edge… is something like this possible?

water bottle.3dm (3.4 MB)

It worked thank you very much Ivelin!!! :star_struck:

In some cases, it means that they are a few control points rows in the same place. To fix it, _Extract de fillet surface and delete those rows until the shadow disappears.